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While much of the work we do on a typical client workplace engagement tends to be off-site & behind the scenes, a concern of nearly every client is “How do we make the most of a limited budget?” Stegmeier Consulting Group’s Virtual Change Advisory Services™ allow for consulting dollars to be invested entirely in the expertise of the consultant, not on the costs of travel and expenses, or additional time to bring the expertise to you. By scheduling consulting appointments in as short as 30 minute segments, you can get the expert guidance you need via phone, email, or Skype video conferencing.


How Does It Work?

  • Advice is available when you need it; schedule appointments as brief as 30 minutes.
  • Receive expert advice from globally-recognized thought leaders in change management via phone, Skype video conferencing, or email.
  • We perform behind the scenes to transparently ensure the success of your critical change initiatives.
  • No lengthy proposal approvals; work begins with the establishment of a short client profile.
  • Enroll the business groups / departments / individuals eligible for participation in remote coaching based on your organization’s chosen criteria.
  • Invoicing is simplified.  Your organization receives a single invoice each month, itemized by individual business group department, and/or participant enrolled.
  • Pay-as-you-need-it pricing available using a major credit card.  Coaching sessions may be charged to a company credit card.


Who Uses Our Virtual Change Advisory Services™?

  • DIYers who simply need a seasoned veteran to participate in the weekly project team call.
  • Non-US clients where travel costs may be prohibitive.
  • Mid-level managers whose organizations have pre-purchased coaching credit for when difficulties arise after changes to the work environment alter team/managerial dynamics.
  • Organizations whose needs may require the flexibility of moving to a larger-scale consulting engagement and back.
  • Clients who immediately need assistance and can’t wait for sourcing or legal to issue or approve a lengthy work order.


Why Virtual Consulting?

  • No commitment to a lengthy contract; you determine the amount of support needed.
  • Ability to convert to an onsite consulting engagement – and switch back to Virtual Change Advisory Services™  – as needed.
  • Individuals from your remote company locations can be linked in to participate in Virtual Change Advisory sessions and events, customized for your unique requirements.
  • Consulting dollars are invested entirely in the expertise of the consultant, not on the costs of travel and expenses, or additional time to bring the expertise to you.
  • Our independent change management consultants ensure you have checks and balances on high-risk decisions being made throughout the organizational change.
  • A cost-effective method of accessing expert advice on the specific change management challenges your organization is facing.
  • Virtual Change Advisory Services™ accelerate the acceptance of a change throughout your organization, mitigating the risk of a costly reduction in productivity.