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Stegmeier Consulting Group’s research findings have revealed that one of the weakest links in introducing a new workplace strategy and enabling a more agile workforce typically lies in the lack of preparedness of both individual contributors and the business leaders to whom they report. Our Mobile Workforce Management portfolio of customizable training modules is a great solution for ensuring the various levels of management and employees throughout your organization are prepared for new ways of working.groupsession


Unique Clients Require a Unique Approach

Whether you’re implementing a flexwork/telework program and seeking to transition mid-level managers from line-of-sight supervision to leading by results, or transitioning to an alternative work environment where individual contributors will need to thrive in a variety of work settings, our facilitator-led, interactive training courses are a great way to prepare your organization for new ways of working. Unlike many training providers who offer canned sessions on dealing with change, each training module is customized for your organization’s unique culture and circumstances. Live training options include on-site 2.5 hour, half day, & executive overview versions–all facilitated by expert change practitioners. Stegmeier Consulting Group also offers MobilityWorks™, our online, e-learning solutions for both mobile workers and their managers–a great solution for larger organizations with thousands of employees that need training.


Our Training Modules

Mobile Workforce Management: Executive Overview

Stegmeier Consulting Group’s Executive Overview not only educates senior leaders on the quantitative business case for workplace transformation, but also on the correlation between workplace design, workforce performance, and organizational results. The program addresses business leaders’ reluctance to adopting new methods of managing people and assists in their self-discovery of the strategic importance of modeling the new behaviors expected of the balance of the workforce.

This educational program creates a sense of urgency amongst executives to not only engage in and support the workplace strategy, but to commit to reinforcing and holding individuals throughout the enterprise accountable for the appropriate use of the new work environment. Stegmeier Consulting Group’s Executive Overview is focused on guiding business leaders on managing in the new workplace and taking the organization “from resistance to results.”

Mobile Workforce Management: Manager Workshop

The Manager Workshop challenges the status quo and addresses managers’ reluctance to lead the performance of staff they cannot see throughout the workday. The training prepares managers to lead a highly-mobile, distributed workforce, and shifts the definition of work from a place we go, to what we do to contribute to the success of the organization. The Manager Workshop strengthens and elevates leadership skills to a level suitable for maximizing the performance of the complex, 21st century workforce.

Mobile Workforce Management: Employee Workshop

Our Employee Workshop trains individual contributors (teleworkers, mobile employees, and distributed staff members) on organization-specific policies relevant to your telework, mobility, or other workplace program. The workshop emphasizes time management skills, accountability, tips to improve productivity, and recognizing the differences between activities and results.

The Employee Workshop can be tailored to suit various levels of autonomy of your workforce (conventional teleworkers operating from home vs. staff members who will be given the autonomy to work “anytime, anywhere” vs. employees enrolled in an on-campus mobility program). In addition, the educational modules are highly customizable to integrate and reinforce your organization’s branding and strategies for attraction & retention, employee engagement, work-life balance, and inspiring the multigenerational workforce.

MobilityWorks™ E-Learning Modules

MobilityWorks™ is Stegmeier Consulting Group’s online, e-learning solutions for both mobile workers and their managers. Combining a proven change management approach with global best practices in on-demand distance learning, MobilityWorks™ is an excellent method for training a large workforce and/or rolling out a workplace strategy globally. Highly customizable, the MobilityWorks™ platform can reflect corporate branding, and be adapted to various languages and cultural nuances.

MobilityWorks™ is designed to allow a maximum level of customization to meet clients’ specific training requirements. Choices for tailoring the modules include not only incorporating your logo, color scheme, and branding, but all content details. Adding links, photos, references, and materials from your organization directly into the course ensures the training is aligned with your workplace strategy. Options such as integrating a video recording of a message from your company’s executive sponsor can effectively articulate the business case for change, setting the tone for the learning experience.