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unengagedOne of the biggest impacts on the success of any change initiative is employee buy-in. Getting team members excited about change takes effort. Employees who are actively involved in change efforts feel the organization values them and that they are driving the change, as opposed to this being just another change that happens to them. Relying on Stegmeier Consulting Group’s expertise in facilitation and employee engagement can result in increased buy-in from the affected stakeholders on your workplace change initiative. See how below.

Employee Engagement Council

The importance of an ongoing employee engagement group cannot be overstated during a change to the workplace. Typically, this group is comprised of individual contributors affected by the change. Group members are purposely selected from a variety of departments to include diverse perspectives on how the planned changes may be received by the members’ peer employees. The group not only serves as another avenue for your organization to communicate change updates outward, but also as a way to keep your ear to the ground to discover areas of resistance and to address or dispel rumors before they gain traction.

Depending on the length of time until your change takes place, we suggest holding recurring employee engagement council meetings anywhere from monthly to bi-weekly. Facilitators need to be well-versed in both workplace change and the issues surrounding the particular initiative. They also require the deftness to gather feedback and allow some venting while still keeping meetings on track. Simultaneously, facilitators must be skilled in encouraging employees to share their voice without setting the expectation that the council is a decision-making body. Because of these intense requirements and the workload constraints on their project team employees, our clients usually rely on an SCG consultant to lead the employee engagement council.  Clients typically will work with us to identify the best candidates (volunteers vs. nominees) to join the council, bring the consultant on-site for the kick-off meeting, and then rely on SCG to lead subsequent meetings remotely.

Benefits of Employee Engagement Groups

  • Gives employees a voice, but not necessarily a vote
  • Allows a two-way flow of information
  • Reinforces the importance of employee feedback
  • Healthy way to address collective concerns
  • Fosters a culture that supports employees’ morale
  • Creates champions of change

Scenarios for Forming a Group

  • Employees moving into a new, dramatically different work environment
  • Employees working from home
  • Preparing leaders for supervising employees they won’t always be able to see
  • Negative employee perception of “yet another change”
  • Proliferation of rumors about the proposed change