Change Readiness & Alignment

Time to ChangeIs your organization ready for change?  Are you struggling to implement your goals because key team members are not aligned and ready for action?  Stegmeier Consulting Group offers a number of services to get your team on the same page and make sure you can hit the ground running on your workplace initiatives.  Take a look at how we can help you with change readiness and alignment efforts.


Aligning for Action™ Workshop

Organizations often develop comprehensive strategies for the new calendar or fiscal year, yet struggle and stall when it comes to implementing the changes associated with the strategy.

The Aligning for Action™ Workshop helps clients move quickly from a position of decision making and planning to quickly moving forward with the implementation of agreed-upon changes and action steps. This working session, facilitated by Stegmeier Consulting Group as an independent, unbiased consultancy—is a hands-on, direction setting event. The specific activities included in your session will assist in the building of consensus among senior leaders in your enterprise. Upon completion of the workshop, your organization will be able to bridge the gaps between business units and professional disciplines to ensure a unified approach to change implementation in order to best meet the overall requirements of the organization.

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Prior to the workshop, Stegmeier Consulting Group (SCG) will participate in a conference call with you to understand the changes being implemented, the goals and objectives of the change, key stakeholders, areas of resistance, and other factors in order to gain an understanding of your organizational change.

Stegmeier Consulting Group will then conduct a full- or half-day Aligning for Action Workshop™ for your organization’s leaders. Held onsite at your company’s location, the working session draws from SCG’s 20+ year compilation of best practices in managing change, and its extensive experiences in maintaining—or even increasing—employee productivity in times of change.

Our consulting team will:

  • Facilitate the discussion to identify specific factors that will influence the success of changes being implemented
  • Guide participants in identifying the risks associated with the upcoming changes
  • Educate workshop participants on implementation approaches used by exemplary organizations
  • Introduce attendees to a proven, hands-on process to assess the forthcoming changes in terms of 15 factors impacting your workforce’s ability to accept, adopt, and sustain change
  • Lead an interactive discussion on the role of leadership in the change process and best practices in managing the implementation
  • Identify any gaps in the implementation plan and determine specific change management activities to strengthen the approach
  • Gain group consensus on priorities for the implementation, responsibilities, touch points, and deadlines for moving forward

The customized content for the Aligning for Action™ workshop will share insight on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Proactively addressing the weakest links in the change implementation process
  • Strengthening the business case for change
  • Creating a sense of urgency for the change
  • Aligning the new change with other organizational changes taking place
  • Cultural implications of the upcoming change and tactics to address those claiming exemption from the changes expected of others
  • Instilling accountability throughout the organization for adoption of the new changes

As a follow-up to the on-site event, Stegmeier Consulting Group will facilitate a conference call with you to discuss the outcomes of the Aligning for Action™ strategic working session, and if appropriate, recommend additional services which can be provided by our team to support your organization in its implementation of change.


Data Gathering

SCG's electronic surveys can be branded with your logo and are a great way to quickly understand employee concerns and ideas.

In planning for a successful implementation of your organizational change, it’s necessary to first understand the challenges facing those who will be asked to lead the change initiative. Likewise, discovering the concerns as perceived by those who will be expected to adopt the new changes can aid in mitigating risks before they become insurmountable barriers.

Our integration of real time polling allows us to get live session participants to quickly open up.

Gathering rich, pertinent data and insights to help you make informed decisions can be successfully accomplished through a variety of Stegmeier Consulting Group’s methodologies. Branded electronic assessments and surveys, executive interviews, manager round table discussions, anonymous polling with real time results, and other approaches, each offer specific benefits.

SCG’s electronic surveys can be branded with your logo and are a great way to quickly understand employee concerns and ideas. Our integration of real time polling allows us to get live session participants to quickly open up. SCG’s consultants can assist you in determining the appropriate solution for your organization’s change initiative.


Change Communication Content & Materials

As part of a client’s change implementation approach, Stegmeier Consulting Group is often engaged to create communication content and materials, ensuring consistency throughout the implementation of the change. Examples of communication deliverables include, but are not limited to, Leader Talking Points, Frequently Asked Questions with client-specific responses, content for Town Hall meetings, email blasts to managers and separately to staff at critical points in the change process, posters, articles for intranet postings, and newsletters.

045c013f-c2a0-455d-8b86-2f75a82395a3.jpgAll messaging will reflect the client’s corporate communications guidelines, branding standards, and messaging vehicles. Change communication content and materials will be focused on breaking down silos and aligning various business units and professional disciplines on the upcoming changes. Messaging will be focused on enhancing management skills to assist direct reports in navigating change, consistency in interpreting and applying the forthcoming changes, and increasing accountability in adopting the new changes.


Below is SCG’s structured process for the development of communication content and materials:

  • Stegmeier Consulting Group will develop communication pieces, creating a sense of importance for the change initiative, building enthusiasm for the benefits of the upcoming changes, and encouraging full participation of the workforce in change management activities and events.
  • SCG will develop and submit a draft of the content to the individual(s) responsible for reviewing and approving the communication piece.
  • Client input is welcomed—and encouraged—to ensure that communication content and materials are meaningful for the organization and its goals and challenges.
  • The client will be given the opportunity to review and approve all communication pieces.
  • Content is edited, as appropriate, and submitted for approval to the client. Further revisions are made, if necessary.
  • Upon approval of the communication piece, the Client releases the communication to the intended audience.
  • The Client copies SCG on the transmittal and/or forwards the final document to our consultants for future reference in developing content.
  • SCG will establish a schedule for each communication piece to allow for development, client review, edits, client approval, and release. Timing for the schedule is agreed upon in advance with the client to ensure sufficient time for their review and approval.


Client Communication Review & Approval Process (example)

SCG Draft Client Review SCG Edits

(if necessary)

Client Approval & Release of Communication Piece
10/24/16 10/25/16 10/26/16 10/27/16