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Change can be frightening to your organization’s employees. It can feel threatening to those in managerial roles. One thing’s for certain, with changes to your work environment, comes resistance. With resistance, comes risk to your workplace strategy.

Silent Sabotage

Silent Sabotage

Regardless of the tremendous advantages of a well-defined space design, your organization must be proactive in preparing for resistance to change, whether it’s expressed in open debate, or if it is manifested in the “silent sabotage*” that can undermine even the best of strategies. Stegmeier Consulting Group, a globally-recognized leader in workplace change management, is independent, fiercely unbiased, and our research findings and proprietary methodology can be applied to any physical space design or product solution. Along with ensuring a smooth transition, the benefit to your company is the assurance of checks and balances on important decisions being made throughout the process.

* A term coined by Diane Stegmeier in the book, Innovations in Office Design: The Critical Influence Approach to Effective Work Environments, © 2008, 2016 Stegmeier Consulting Group
Discovering the Need for a Different Approach to Change Management

Key discoveries and best practices in developing effective work environments have resulted from Stegmeier Consulting Group’s nearly 20 years of research on resistance to workplace change, which involved more than 140 organizations in 24 diverse industries. The study was initiated in 1996 after witnessing numerous organizations struggle in driving behavioral change through physical workplace transformation. In hearing the frustration of senior business leaders disappointed in the return on investment in the new workplace solution, we established the mission to learn what barriers existed, overtly or covertly, which were not being recognized and addressed by the enterprise.

Data was compiled by Stegmeier Consulting Group on exemplary practices in leading workplace change gathered from a broad range of enterprises throughout North America and Western Europe, with particular attention on winners of Fortune Magazine’s “Best Companies to Work for in America” and the Great Places to Work® Institute’s “Best Small and Best Medium Companies to Work for in America.” In gleaning lessons learned from study participants, goals were established to discover recurring themes in resistance to workplace change and to identify factors having universal impact on behaviors in the work environment, regardless of the organization’s size or industry. The research study led to our discovery of fifteen such factors—which have come to be known as Critical Influences™.

Over the years, Stegmeier Consulting Group has gained additional insights on the power of place in driving organizational change, and the importance of adopting a holistic approach to managing resistance to workplace change.

Our Research in Action

Innovations in Office Design: The Critical Influence Approach to Effective Work Environments

Today, Stegmeier Consulting Group’s proprietary Critical Influence™ approach is successfully being applied to actionable, comprehensive workplace strategies around the globe. Our book, Innovations in Office Design: The Critical Influence Approach to Effective Work Environments, has been ranked #1 Workplace Strategy Book by Amazon Readers, and earned the International Facility Management Association’s Award of Excellence – Distinguished Author for a Book. The publication has been adopted to support the education of future architects, designers, and business leaders by educational institutions on 6 continents, ranging from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design to the University of Tasmania.

Overcoming resistance to workplace change can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be if you select the right consulting firm to guide you every step of the way. Quite simply, what Stegmeier Consulting Group does is leverage best practices in change management to help clients significantly reduce workplace costs while improving workforce performance. It seems like an easy equation, yet it’s one that creates many challenges for enterprises embarking upon new workplace strategies.

Specific Services

Stegmeier Consulting Group’s portfolio of change management services provides a menu approach to adapt to your company’s expectations for the level of support to be provided for a project or to adhere to budgetary or time constraints. Our team of specialists would be happy to assist you in identifying the appropriate services, or package of services to suit your requirements.

Stegmeier Consulting Group’s portfolio of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Change Communication Strategies, Plans, & Content to ensure consistent messaging throughout your workplace transformation
  • Best Practices in Managing Workplace Change™ & other customizable workshops
  • Employee Engagement Initiatives to identify champions of change, capture the voice of the workforce, and accelerate employee buy-in during a change initiative
  • Critical Influence Leadership™, executive educational program introducing a holistic leadership model, necessary for leading an increasingly-diverse workforce in the rapidly-changing work environment
  • Mobile Workforce Management™ training. Onsite, facilitator-led sessions to prepare managers for leading in new ways
  • Mobile Workforce Employee™ training. Onsite, facilitator-led sessions to prepare individual contributors for working in new ways
  • MobilityWorks™ e-learning solutions. Customizable & branded to your workplace initiative, our online modules prepare managers & employees to successfully function in the virtual/mobile work environment
  • Virtual Change Advisory Services™, remote coaching available when you need it; schedule appointments as brief as 30 minutes
  • Workplace Protocols, to set expectations for behavior in the new work environment and to guide & empower employees to make full use of all work settings at their disposal

Stegmeier Consulting Group welcomes the opportunity to contribute our expertise in change management and work with your team to support the success of your evolving work environment. Interested in a specific service? Call us or let us know on our contact page, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.