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In planning for the workplace of the future, it’s necessary to first understand the challenges facing your workforce.  While gathering the data and insights to help you make informed decisions can be successfully accomplished through one of SCG’s workplace surveys, often times our clients want a more hands-on, personable approach to learning about what employees want from the workplace and the organization.  That’s why we offer Stegmeier Consulting Group’s facilitated focus groups, which provide you with an opportunity to learn about what employees truly want from the workplace and the organization.



Our unique approach to conducting focus groups enables us to gather rich, pertinent data regarding the specific challenges and employee concerns related to your change initiative.  A successful focus group consists of more than just asking questions–our skilled facilitators foster dialogue by guiding participants through a number of thought-provoking exercises aimed at getting attendees to constructively share thoughts and ideas.

Our integration of real time polling allows us to get participants to quickly open up.

Our integration of real time polling allows us to get participants to quickly open up.

The integration of real-time polling devices in our sessions allows us to cut through groupthink, as participants can vote anonymously on a handheld device (especially great for executive sessions where attendees may feel the need to delay sharing until they see how a dominant personality feels about an issue!). Once the question’s aggregate results are displayed on a screen for attendees to see, our facilitators can then expand the discussion to the why of the issue.

Process & Deliverables

  • Questions are developed & refined in tandem with your team as we get to know your unique challenges
  • Agendas & dates are set, attendees invited
  • Two SCG consultants will co-lead each session at your chosen location, alternating roles in facilitating/documenting participant insights
  • Session length will vary depending on amount of content, employee availability, & organizational culture (typically 60 – 90 minutes)
  • In order to maximize effectiveness, we recommend session attendance capped at 20–we’ve found employees tend to share more openly in groups with 12 or less attendees
  • Following the last session, SCG will collect & analyze all the data captured
  • A full report detailing themes, recommendations, & how participants voted in each session is provided to the client.  The report also will include a Critical Influence Analysis™, detailing the key factors that may inhibit success of your proposed change.


Our Differentiators

  • Consultants specialized in facilitation, workplace change, & employee engagement
  • An experienced, proprietary approach to workplace change (Critical Influence Approach™)
  • Incorporation of real-time polling, allowing us to ease participants comfortably into discussion
  • The ability to shatter groupthink & unearth the real challenges facing your organization
  • A detailed focus group summary report, outlining themes & recommended next steps