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Suggesting a change to your office environment, and in turn how your employees work, is often met with fierce resistance. Skeptical colleagues or executives will undoubtedly pose questions like:

  • How will I know my employees are working if I can’t see them?
  • Won’t managers bolt for the exits if we do away with private offices?
  • I’d approve smaller work spaces for my direct reports, but you can’t seriously expect me to partake in this, right?

financial business calculationWhether you’re the lone voice out in the wild trying to convince colleagues that the time is right to make a change or you’re part of an active team that just needs one last executive’s blessing, Stegmeier Consulting Group can help you obtain that elusive buy-in.

Our consultants are well-versed in the language of the C-Suite and work regularly with our clients’ project teams to secure approval from their executives in order to begin a change initiative.  Regardless of if you need to establish the financial benefit of a proposed change, if you’re seeking proof of concept through a test pilot of a collaborative space, or if you need to demonstrate that your team has a game plan for a wide-scale change implementation, we have both the experience and clout to make your vision a reality.

What most clients typically opt for is to have us conduct our proprietary Discovery & Applications™ Workshop for either their executive team and/or for their core project team.


Discovery & Applications™ Workshop

Stegmeier Consulting Group’s Discovery & Applications™ Workshop is a one-day working session, that allows us to share our knowledge (from our 20 years of research on resistance to workplace change) and experience (from our 14+ years of helping clients implement workplace change). The workshop offers insight as to how we have assisted organizations over the years in reducing workplace costs and improving employee productivity.

The Discovery & Applications™ Workshop helps clients move quickly from a position of uncertainty to determining the appropriate direction to move forward. The activities included in your customized session will assist in quickly gaining consensus among senior leaders, and will begin to bridge the gap between workplace and workforce change to best meet your overall requirements.

Discover Trends & RisksApply Learnings to your Organization
Workplace & workforce trendsCritical Influence exercise to identify & discuss most pertinent challenges
Stegmeier’s leading researchFacilitated discussion to determine appetite for change
Risks of making a change, risks of maintaining status quoConsensus building to determine next steps
Preemptive approach to
mitigating risk
How other organizations have successfully implemented workplace change
  • Held on-site at the client location, the working session will introduce valuable insights in areas relevant to the strategic vision and direction of the workplace—and the resistance that accompanies changes in the work environment.
  • Senior leaders will be guided through a proven, hands-on process and facilitated strategy session on the application of the workplace discoveries revealed in the workshop.
  • Participants will gain a clear sense of the resources and tools available to their enterprise, and will build consensus on internal capacity to guide the organization through workplace transformation and level of external support the company wishes to engage.
  • Each participant will receive a copy of Innovations in Office Design: The Critical Influence Approach to Effective Work Environments, ranked #1 workplace strategy book by Amazon readers, to serve as a reference tool throughout the workplace transformation.