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knollwhitepaperStegmeier Consulting Group is globally-recognized as an industry thought-leader on how changes to the workplace affect the workforce and what organizations can do to overcome resistance to change. We’ve been engaged by numerous clients to capture our insights on various workplace topics in the form of white papers-–why not harness our expertise for your organization or to draw in potential clients?

Examples of sponsored research we’ve done for clients:


Communicating Workplace Change: Starting with the Basics

A white paper commissioned by Knoll, provides a step-by-step guide to developing a comprehensive communication plan to accelerate workforce acceptance of change. Emphasizing the importance of “connecting the dots” to explain how shifts in the work environment align with other organizational changes or goals, the paper shares the differences between failed and successful change initiatives and features five “must include” communications elements to contribute to the success of the evolving workplace.

Selling Upward: Securing Leadership Buy-in for Workplace Change

A white paper sponsored by Knoll, addresses the recurring question echoed by members of workplace transformation teams – “Is the business case we’re developing compelling enough to gain approval for our new workplace strategy?” The paper provides the ammunition necessary to increase the reader’s level of confidence in upwardly selling a compelling business case to senior leadership.

Citrix Online

In a well-thought-out strategy for marketing towards its prospective clients, Citrix Online engaged Stegmeier Consulting Group to develop a sequence of deliverables focused on a concept Citrix Online created to promote its GoTo products and services. Web Commuting, the reliance on the Internet to get work done at any time, from anywhere, is enabled by technologies such as Citrix’s GoToMyPC, GoToMeeting, GoToAssist, and GoToWebinar.

The Business Case for Web Commuting: How to Reduce Workplace Costs & Increase Workforce Performance

A white paper sponsored by Citrix Online and written by Stegmeier Consulting Group, takes a look at the numerous words and phrases currently being used to describe mobile work: workshifting, alternative workspace environment, flexible workspace, shared-space environment, hoteling, hot desking, distributed work, telework, telecommute, remote work, virtual workplace, working from third places, and others. Emphasizing the importance of using the right technology to support the more mobile workforce, the paper introduces the phrase “web commuting” – the reliance on the Internet to get work done at any time, from anywhere.

The white paper include a case study of an organization that took a conservative approach to enrolling employees into its mobility program, and quantifies the significant improvement in productivity the company realized, prompting the senior leaders to expand enrollment following completion of the pilot initiative.

Webinar: The Business Case for Web Commuting

An expansion of the white paper written by Stegmeier Consulting Group, was co-facilitated by Citrix Online and SCG.
Podcast Interview in which Citrix Online’s Jessica Eastman interviewed Diane Stegmeier, continued the focus on the intricacies of Web Commuting.

Blog Posts for Citrix Online’s workshifting.com

Provided a forum for Stegmeier Consulting Group to explore overcoming managers’ resistance to implementing a Web Commuting program.

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