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The Registry Bay Area real estate news Diane Stegmeier was recently interviewed by The Registry about workplace transformation in the San Francisco Bay Area. She discussed why this area sees such a high concentration of workplace transformations and suggested some things organizations can do to find out what kind of workplace solution will work for their employees.




Facility Executive, a publication dedicated to the facility management industry elected to share Stegmeier Consulting Group’s State of the Open Office Research Study with their readership.


mcmorrow reports

The McMorrow Reports for Facilities Management highlighted Stegmeier Consulting Group’s State of the Open Office Research Study. Subscribers to the McMorrow Reports were directed to the full results of the study, which can be used as a tool for facility managers to anticipate employee reactions to a change in floorplanning and workstation design and layout.



Flexwork advocate group 1 Million for Work Flexibility, a partner of Stegmeier Consulting Group in the promotion of alternative workplace strategies that encourage increased work-life balance, recently published a blog post written by SCG consultant Nick Virzi. You can read the blog here: Flexwork: A Workplace Strategy for High Performance.



Matthew Stegmeier was recently interviewed by OfficeSpace for tips on implementing alternative workplace strategies. He discussed the trends on workplace change and explained the importance of preparation and readiness when undergoing an change initiative. To read more visit our blog about the article: Implementing an Alternative Workplace Strategy.



Elizabeth Anderson, a consultant with Stegmeier Consulting Group, was recently interviewed for an article on remote work featured on  The article sought to introduce its readers to the concepts, trends, and perceptions of remote work currently prevalent in the business world.  To read more visit our blog about the interview: A Beginner’s Guide to Managing a Remote Workforce.





WCPN, Cleveland’s local NPR affiliate, interviewed Stegmeier Consulting Group founder Diane Stegmeier on January 22, 2015 on the topic of open office environments. The video recording of this event is up on our site: Distractions in the Open Office & What You Can Do About Them.


The Cleveland Plain Dealer interviewed Diane Stegmeier for an article about the growing number of organizations embracing telework. The article, Working from home not for everyone, but it can still be a ‘win-win’ for many workers and employers, focused specifically on a Stegmeier Consulting Group client, Cleveland Clinic, and how their IT Division became a mobile organization.


Success Magazine’s Emma Johnson interviewed Diane Stegmeier for a piece on inspiring work environments. How To: Inspire Employees with Ambience. The right work environment makes for motivated and committed workers. August, 2014 Issue.


World Architecture News named Diane Stegmeier an Expert Jury Member for its Architectural Effectiveness Award competition in London. She contributed to the jury’s selection of the 2013 winning project, Butaro Doctors’ Housing, Butaro, Rwanda, submitted by MASS Design Group. Beyond supporting the rural healthcare system, the project process was a means to build knowledge, skills, and economic opportunity.


The September 30, 2013 article entitled Office to Become Social Magnet, written by Ola Nilsson for the Swedish newspaper, Sydsvenskan, featured an interview of Diane Stegmeier following her key note speech at Ideas, selected as the best looking office in the country. The article emphasized that organizations typically do a good job in creating flexible work environments, however, often fail to work on developing a flexible workforce.


Clara Löfvenhamn, writer of the September 30, 2013 article Manager With Private Office an Endangered Species for Sweden’s Manager (Chef) Magazine, featured an interview of Diane Stegmeier on activity-based workplaces. The article focused on the need for new leadership competencies to ensure that the workforce is just as flexible as the workplace in which they work.

Lisa Thornton, writer for Change Magazine, interviewed Diane Stegmeier for the article “When Looks Matter: What a company’s physical space and design reveals about its corporate culture and its appeal to employees and clients” published in Volume 3 Issue 4, August 2013. The writer explored Ms. Stegmeier’s globally-recognized research on the impact of physical space design on human behavior.



In developing the article Some Companies Replace Cubicles with Flex Spaces, writer Sarah Fister Gale interviewed Diane Stegmeier on how flex space offices are changing the way people work to promote collaboration and interaction. The article was featured in Workforce Magazine’s May 30, 2013 publication.


Career Builder featured an article by writer Larry Buhl entitled Can Telecommuting Hurt Your Career? The April 25, 2013 publication revealed recommendations from Diane Stegmeier and other industry experts on determining whether flex work is right for the employees’ situations and how they can make flexible work arrangements a benefit for both the individual and his or her employer.


San Francisco writer Robin Madell interviewed Diane Stegmeier for the October 1, 2012 article Flex Execs: How to Get Your Teammates on Board with Your Telecommuting. The writer compared the research findings featured in Stegmeier’s book, Innovations in Office Design: The Critical Influence Approach to Effective Work Environments, to a study conducted by Stanford University which revealed that employees with flexible work arrangements are actually more productive than their office-bound counterparts.


Unlimited Vacation, Flexwork, & Telework: Radio Interview with Voice of Russia Jessica Jordan of Voice of Russia Radio interviews Matthew Stegmeier on their Making Cents show.


Best Practices in Corporate Culture from Google Matthew Stegmeier interviewed by Ritika Trikha of CareerBliss on how Marissa Mayer is using her Google charm to improve Yahoo’s culture.


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Embracing Mobility: Using the digital workplace to reduce costs and improve workforce performance Article by Matthew Stegmeier for the International Association of Business Communicators August 2012 CW Bulletin. Tips from the consultants – Crafting perfect communications for change management initiatives.


The Latest Work Perk: Unlimited Vacation Matthew Stegmeier interviewed by Eve Tahmincioglu for Life Inc. article.


A Cool Place to Work Matthew Stegmeier interviewed by Ellen Uzelac for Advisor One’s August 2012 Research Magazine. Matthew discusses achieving employee buy-in and how essential real work-life balance is.


6 Tips for a Successful Telework Program Guest Columnist piece for The Telework Coalition written by Matthew Stegmeier about stumbling blocks to successful implementation of a mobility program.


Radio Interview about the Workplace on Minnesota Public Radio Listen to MPR’s The Daily Circuit’s Kerri Miller discuss the future of the workplace with Diane Stegmeier and NBBJ Architects’ Steve McConnell.



11 Tips For Maximizing A Small Office Space by Brenna Ehrlich for American Express Open Forum’s small business website highlights the thought leadership of author Diane Stegmeier. Available at
“Designing an Effective Work Environment” by Paris-based writer Carolyn Heinze, published in the September 10, 2010 issue of Systems Contractor News, features the insights of Diane Stegmeier on the need for workplaces to adapt to the increasingly mobile workforce–not the other way around. Access


The article Senior Leader Accountability: Critical to Successful Change by Kathy Gurchiek, associate editor of HR News, features details of Diane Stegmeier’s Mega Session at the Society for Human Resource Management’s 61st Annual Conference in New Orleans. The program, Managing Change in Turbulent Times: The Critical Influence Approach™, was attended by nearly 1,900 HR professionals. Visit


The June 2009 issue of Workforce Management Magazine features an interview of Diane Stegmeier, conducted by senior writer Ed Frauenheim, on how organizational leaders can better manage through the economic recession. The magazine specializes in topics related to business strategy and people management issues. Workforce Management is a Crain Communications publication.


HRM Singapore Magazine‘s May 2009 issue features an interview of Diane Stegmeier and her thought leadership on innovative workplace design trends that have the greatest impact on employees. Written by Emmy Horstkamp, the article includes photography of the “room without walls” concept created by Hixson Architecture for one of Stegmeier Consulting Group’s clients whose goals included improving collaboration and increasing innovative outputs. The Southeast Asian publication, targeted at senior human resource professionals and top corporate decision makers, examines the most challenging people issues and the strategies employed to achieve corporate goals. It features the thinking of those who are at the cutting edge of the industry and have had the biggest impact on the industry.


The interview of Diane Stegmeier by David Shadovitz for the November 2008 issue of Human Resource Executive Magazine features her thoughts on the link between workplace design and organizational performance. The article emphasizes the positive impact that promoting collaboration, learning, and socialization has on the profitability of the business enterprise. To read the article Profiting from Workplace Design, visit Human Resource Executive Online.


Get on Board, a magazine article by Ryan Bartelmay for Perspective: Journal of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), Winter 2008 Issue. Bartelmay interviewed Diane Stegmeier to gain her insight on interior designers’ responsibilities in driving change.


An interview of Diane Stegmeier on the topic of internal branding in the context of change management by Vladimir Pravotorov for the December 2006-January 2007 issue of Human Resources Management Magazine, the largest Russian media resource for the personnel management market. An English translation of the article is available by contacting


Toni Kistner, reporter with Network World Magazine, captured Diane Stegmeier’s thoughts on the barriers to telework program implementation resulting from the resistance of mid-level management. The article, Time for a Change: Telework Program Stalled or Just Limping Along? Stop Blaming Midlevel Managers, was published on March 31, 2003.