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Best Practices in Managing Workplace Change™ & other customizable workshops

Business Case Development to arm you with the ammunition for securing C-suite approval for your proposed workplace change

Change Communication Strategies, Plans, & Content to ensure consistent messaging throughout your workplace transformation

Surveys, including change-readiness, change adoption, pre- & post-occupancy, employee engagement, and others

Productivity Studies to support your organizational change initiatives by measuring workforce productivity prior to, and following, the implementation of the changes

Development of Flex Work Policies & Guidelines, based on best practices gleaned from diverse employers

FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments to identify the specific individuals most suitable for enrolling in flexible work, telework/telecommute, mobile work, or other alternative work programs

Critical Influence Leadership™, executive educational program introducing a holistic leadership model, necessary for leading an increasingly-diverse workforce in the rapidly-changing work environment

Mobile Workforce Management™ training. Onsite, facilitator-led sessions to prepare managers for leading in new ways

Mobile Workforce Employee™ training. Onsite, facilitator-led sessions to prepare individual contributors for working in new ways

MobilityWorks™ e-learning solutions. Customizable & branded to your workplace initiative, our online modules prepare managers & employees to successfully function in the virtual/mobile work environment

Virtual Change Advisory Services™, remote coaching available when you need it; schedule appointments as brief as 30 minutes

Vendor Selection Services. Unbiased, expert help in choosing the right service providers for your workplace initiative (furniture manufacturers, architectural/design firms, room reservation/hoteling software solutions, real estate advisers).