Select Client Projects

Stegmeier Consulting Group has been engaged by clients in diverse industries around the globe to lead workplace change initiatives for their organization. Below is a listing of select client projects, with a description of how SCG has helped with the transition.



Cleveland Clinic sought to relocate its Information Technology Division from a faltering old warehouse that had been converted into office space to a vacant, however much smaller, space at its administrative campus, putting its workforce into an environment that was more in line with the Clinic’s mission to be a world-class organization. SCG developed a workplace strategy and implementation plan to allow for a transition to new ways of working, improved talent attraction and retention, and increased workplace flexibility. The formalization of a telework program consisted of focus groups to collect feedback from a pilot group, FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments to determine the suitability of 600+ employees for telework, customized training for managers and the remote workers they supervise, and communication materials.



Philips Electronics of North America engaged SCG to implement its Workplace Innovation (WPI) alternative workplace strategy program in their HQ in Andover, MA. SCG was responsible for not only translating the workplace strategy and change management directives established in the Netherlands, but also for Americanizing the desired new work behaviors to ensure quick buy-in and sustainable adoption and use of workplace protocols. Specific tasks included development of communications strategy/plan/timeline/materials, customized training, and an employee engagement initiative. Read the case study for more specifics and to view a video of their new space.


Partners HealthCare

Partners HealthCare, the parent organization of Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, worked with SCG to conduct a series of change management workshops for their executive team to begin planning the future of the hospital system’s administrative (non-clinical) work space. Spurred on by healthcare reform and the need to operate as a leaner organization, specific focus was placed upon identifying potential areas of resistance the organization might face if it were to change the physical work environment.


Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain hired SCG to formalize a remote work program (Mobile Mountaineer Program), prepare its workforce for working in new ways, and lead change management efforts as the organization transitioned to a more open, collaborative environment at their new Boston HQ. One of the challenges of planning for the move to a much smaller location was to identify a minimum of 150 employees who could work from home at least two days per week, thus giving up an assigned space. SCG held focus groups for participants (and their leaders) in a remote work pilot program, developed the criteria for participation in the formalized program, conducted FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments to determine the most appropriate candidates for remote work, and, among other things, met with leaders and individual contributors to build excitement for the Mobile Mountaineer Program. Read the case study for more specifics and to view a video of their new space.


Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board

MSRB worked with SCG to begin examining how a proposed relocation from Alexandria, VA to Washington, DC, where it’d be closer to its customers, would affect employee attraction and retention. With commute times increased substantially for some employees, MSRB knew that they needed to explore telework. After conducting a Discovery & Applications™ Workshop for their executive team to look at what other organizations are doing, SCG conducted anonymous 1-on-1 interviews for employees to share their true feelings and concerns related to the move and telework. FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments were then conducted to determine the most appropriate fits for remote work, and to get a closer look at managers’ comfort level with telework.


Northwestern Mutual

In constructing the Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons, NM partnered with SCG to learn more about what its employees wanted from the future of their workplace. SCG led focus groups to gather feedback from employees working in a ‘living lab’, a section of a currently occupied building that had been made into a model of what NM hoped to implement in the tower. A survey of 5,100 employees was also conducted to gain insights on the pros/cons of the current work environment. An executive-level workshop was held to present the findings of all information-gathering activities, introduce the proposed workplace strategy, and gain consensus from senior leaders.