Change Management Case Study: Indianapolis Power and Light


Indianapolis Power and Light desired to invigorate their work environment; a project which involved making significant updates to their historic Indianapolis headquarters. Among the desired changes included more employee access to natural light, and a reduction of space in areas containing oversized and underutilized offices.  With RATIO Architects working on the enhancements to the workplace, IPL recognized the need for change management experts to engage the workforce.

Stegmeier Consulting Group was brought in to analyze the current work environment and culture. This was done by reviewing existing information and data made available by the company and also by collecting additional employee insights through a change readiness survey.  IPL LobbyThis survey revealed the true feelings employees had on topics such as the pros and cons of their current workspace and how well their company had managed change in the past.  RATIO was even able to add their own line of questioning to solicit insights on design from the workers themselves.  Based on the survey findings, SCG was able to conduct more in-depth focus groups with some of the stakeholders.  Following this information gathering process, SCG met with IPL’s C-suite to facilitate visioning sessions.  SCG also developed a communication plan and program guide and was asked to assist in the organization of an employee engagement group, as well as to develop and conduct training.

One challenge that presented itself during the C-suite visioning sessions was the hesitancy of participants to provide their insight prior to the CEO voicing his opinion. Our consultants worked to make idea sharing easier by utilizing our anonymous polling devices.  This newfound freedom to comfortably share thoughts and ideas led to the generation of productive and compelling discussions about IPL’s workplace of the future.

IPL Activity Based Working

When the design and construction phases of the project had been completed, SCG was further engaged to assist in the development of protocols for IPL’s new work environment.  Guidelines were developed during an on-site protocol workshop.  These protocols would go on to contribute to the reduction of noise and distraction in the more open work environment, as well as increased respect for neighbors and colleagues.

IPL Informal Meeting Space