Change Management Case Studies

Stegmeier Consulting Group is privileged to have partnered with a number of recognizable clients on organizational initiatives related to change in the physical workplace or to how work gets done. The following links to case studies offer a detailed look at client challenges and how SCG’s change management offerings have enabled them to successfully transition employees to new ways of working. Click on the client logo or text based link to read the full change management case study.


Amway_(logo).svgWhen Amway, known for its direct-to-consumer sales of health, beauty, and home care products, recognized the need to develop a workplace strategy to keep pace with rapid growth at their Ada, Michigan HQ, they reached out to Stegmeier Consulting Group. SCG learned that the challenges included cultural adoptions to new technology, and gaining a consensus from leadership on appropriate next steps. Amway also conveyed they would have only one opportunity for a pilot (test) program, to introduce the new workplace strategy to a designated segment of the workforce.  Amway feared that if the pilot program did not go well, the company risked losing the trust of all employees for future workplace changes.

Click here to read the Amway workplace change management case study.


CoreNet Global

CoreNet GlobalCoreNet Global is the world’s leading association for corporate real estate (CRE) and workplace professionals, service providers, and economic developers. Nearly 7,000 members, who include 70% of the Fortune 100 and nearly half of the Forbes Global 2000, meet locally, globally and virtually to develop networks, share knowledge, learn and thrive professionally. As CoreNet sought to take their workplace to the next level, they partnered with Stegmeier Consulting Group to ensure their workforce would be ready for the changes.

Click here to read the CoreNet Global workplace change management case study.


Indianapolis Power and Light


Indianapolis Power and Light desired to invigorate their work environment; a project which involved making significant updates to their historic Indianapolis headquarters. Among the desired changes included more employee access to natural light, and a reduction of space in areas containing oversized and underutilized offices. Stegmeier Consulting Group was brought in to analyze the current work environment and culture. Following this information gathering process, SCG met with IPL’s C-suite to facilitate visioning sessions.  SCG also developed a communication plan and program guide and was asked to assist in the organization of an employee engagement group, as well as to develop and conduct training.

Click here to read the Indianapolis Power & Light workplace change management case study.


Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain hired SCG to formalize a remote work program (Mobile Mountaineer Program), prepare its workforce for working in new ways, and lead change management efforts as the organization transitioned to a more open, collaborative environment at their new Boston HQ. One of the challenges of planning for the move to a much smaller location was to identify a minimum of 150 employees who could work from home at least two days per week, thus giving up an assigned space. SCG held focus groups for participants (and their leaders) in a remote work pilot program, developed the criteria for participation in the formalized program, conducted FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments to determine the most appropriate candidates for remote work, and, among other things, met with leaders and individual contributors to build excitement for the Mobile Mountaineer Program.

Click here to read the Iron Mountain workplace change management case study.


Philips Electronics

Philips Electronics North AmericaPhilips Electronics North America Corporation manufactures and markets consumer electronics, domestic appliances and personal care products, and lighting and medical equipment. With its North American headquarters in Andover, Massachusetts, the company operates as a subsidiary of Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV, based in the Netherlands, in Eindhoven. Like many European-based companies, Philips’ workplace at their North American HQ was years behind their more progressive, open workplace standards in Denmark. Philips, in seeking to implement their Workplace Innovation (WPI) standards in the US, sought Stegmeier Consulting Group to lead their workforce through the transition.

Click here to read the Philips Electronics workplace change management case study.


Time Inc.

imagesTime Inc., owner of iconic media brands such as People, Sports Illustrated, and Travel and Leisure, moved from Midtown Manhattan to 225 Liberty in Lower Manhattan in late 2015. Stegmeier Consulting Group was engaged to help lead Time Inc.’s employees through their transition to a new and dramatically different office environment. Some challenges involved with this project included ensuring employees had their voices represented and were actively engaged in the process of determining how they could best “live together” in Time Inc.’s new work environment, reinforcing employee engagement and elevating morale in the introduction of workplace protocols, guiding the workforce to understand, accept, and adopt the workplace change.

Click here to read the Time Inc. workplace change management case study.