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Our team is growing and we’re always interested in connecting with potential candidates. Most organizations will hire an employee with a certain position in mind. As an agile organization with a global reach, Stegmeier Consulting Group is able to think, and operate, differently.

Are you rotting away at your current employer?

Are you rotting away at your current employer?

Our goal is to meet with talented individuals who we think would be a good fit on our team, and then work with candidates to create a job role that excites us both. Team members often wear multiple hats and candidates should throw any preconceived notions of the word “consultant” out the window!

If you are interested in joining our team, read through the Rules of Engagement, which guide our consultancy, below, and if you’re still interested, fill out our questionnaire at the bottom of this page. Upon completion, you’ll be informed where you can submit your resume, and because good communication and exemplary writing skills are important to us, an example of your writing style.


Rules of Engagement

  1. Stegmeier Consulting Group engages with prospective clients where there is an excellent match of their requirements with our firm’s areas of education, research, expertise, and experience.
  2. We accept engagements where we will provide clients significant and sustainable contributions in terms of both organizational and workforce effectiveness.
  3. Stegmeier Consulting Group engages with clients who value ethical and respectful relationships, both in how they are treated by our team members, and vice versa.

Stegmeier Consulting Group has become the recognized leader in workplace change management through the delivery of an innovative approach and proprietary methodology, tools, and services. We value referrals from clients who have truly come to understand the power of balancing workplace cost reduction and workforce performance improvement.

Stegmeier Consulting Group sets the standards by which our competitors are judged. We strive to be the best, most innovative and comprehensive provider of workplace change management services as seen by our clients, employees, strategic partners, and competitors.

We are an organization where each of us is self-driven to:
-initiate action, commit to, and act responsibly in achieving objectives
-be ethical, honest, and respectful in all relationships
-be responsible for Stegmeier Consulting Group’s exceptional performance
-take ownership of the quality of both individual and team results
-invite team members to contribute based on their passion and unique areas of expertise

As an organization, we will:
-whole-heartedly promote flexibility and work-life balance
-balance the passionate pursuit of success with having fun & building relationships
-promote ongoing education in change management and workplace trends & issues
-recognize and reward both individual and team contribution & achievement
-encourage team members to contribute knowledge to further the industry
-offer opportunities for professional and personal growth

Stegmeier Consulting Group will provide to our consultants, staff members, and clients an experience that earns the trust, loyalty, and the best performance from each individual.


Specific Opportunities
While we’re always interested in connecting with talented candidates and crafting a position based on our needs and your interests, we occasionally have a specific need in mind. Any open positions will be posted here.


Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself
If you’re interested in joining our team, please fill out our questionnaire below.