Visit SCG at NeoCon in Chicago

Visit SCG at NeoCon in Chicago

May 29


You’ve heard the term “change management”

and may even know of a company or two that has applied some form of change management services to their project to relocate to a new workplace or redesign their current space. You can’t help but think, however, ‘what is change management?’ and ‘is this something our organization needs too?’

If this describes your current take on what is quickly becoming recognized as a key component to any workplace initiative, you’re in luck.

bright-open-concept-office-space-15The team at Stegmeier Consulting Group will be in full force at NeoCon 2015 in Chicago.  We will be happy to meet with your organization at no cost to learn about your challenges and have a no-pressure conversation about how we can help your employees transition to new spaces or new ways of working. Topics we can discuss include, though are not limited to, flexwork, telework, mobile work, activity-based working, and of course, the open office environment which has spurred controversy and debate over its implementation in recent years.

Meeting with us will also give you the opportunity to participate in our latest research study: The 2015 State of the Open Office. SCG will be gathering data about the hesitancy, perceived and real, about working in an open office environment, as well as just how many organizations are moving in this direction.

To secure an opportunity to meet with one of our consultants, please fill out and submit the form below. We will then send you an email invitation confirming our availability, then we’ll meet you at your preferred location in the Merchandise Mart at your desired time.


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Are you interested in learning more about any of the following services we offer?
 Best Practices in Managing Workplace Change™ & other customizable workshops

 Business Case Development to arm you with the ammunition for securing C-suite approval for your proposed workplace change

 Change Communication Strategies, Plans, & Content to ensure consistent messaging throughout your workplace transformation

 Surveys, including change-readiness, change adoption, pre- & post-occupancy, employee engagement, and others

 Productivity Studies to support your organizational change initiatives by measuring workforce productivity prior to, and following, the implementation of the changes

 Development of Flex Work Policies & Guidelines, based on best practices gleaned from diverse employers

 FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments to identify the specific individuals most suitable for enrolling in flexible work, telework/telecommute, mobile work, or other alternative work programs

 Critical Influence Leadership™, executive educational program introducing a holistic leadership model, necessary for leading an increasingly-diverse workforce in the rapidly-changing work environment

 Mobile Workforce Management™ training. Onsite, facilitator-led sessions to prepare managers for leading in new ways

 Mobile Workforce Employee™ training. Onsite, facilitator-led sessions to prepare individual contributors for working in new ways

 MobilityWorks™ e-learning solutions. Customizable & branded to your workplace initiative, our online modules prepare managers & employees to successfully function in the virtual/mobile work environment

 Virtual Change Advisory Services™, remote coaching available when you need it; schedule appointments as brief as 30 minutes

 Vendor Selection Services. Unbiased, expert help in choosing the right service providers for your workplace initiative (furniture manufacturers, architectural/design firms, room reservation/hoteling software solutions, real estate advisers).