The Impetus for Telework at Cleveland Clinic

The Impetus for Telework at Cleveland Clinic

Jun 27

When they reached out to us, Cleveland Clinic, like many of our clients, were seeking to formalize a telework program.  Organizations looking to extend telecommuting solutions to their employees typically find their rationale in one of a handful business drivers (employee attraction/retention, cost reduction, environmental concerns, etc.).  In this particular instance, the Clinic’s Information Technology Division (ITD) was moving from a spacious, but dated building, into a streamlined, modern location; in order to effectively relocate into a significantly smaller office, it was determined that a portion of the workforce would need to work remotely.

Stegmeier Consulting Group founder Diane Stegmeier was interviewed by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, along with Betsy Krohngold, a project manager for the Clinic, about ITD’s delve into a remote work environment.  The article “Working from home not for everyone, but it can still be a ‘win-win’ for many workers and employers” touches on the challenges ITD faced as the workforce became increasingly mobile, as well as the importance of assessing who is a good fit to participate in a telework program.

In helping to lead Cleveland Clinic’s Connected Workforce Initiative, some of the services Stegmeier Consulting Group provided were:

  • Visioning sessions to determine leadership’s appetite for change
  • Focus groups to gather the insights/concerns of employees who had been piloting a 1-day/week remote work program
  • Round table discussions with the managers of these employees
  • FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments of the workforce to determine each candidate’s fit for the telework program
  • Change management plan
  • Communications plan and content (individual emails to be delivered, FAQs, leader talking points, etc.)
  • Educational webinars – Dispelling the Myths of Remote Work
  • Executive updates and weekly project management
  • Live, facilitated training sessions for participants in the telework program, and, separate sessions for the managers of these employees