Stegmeier Consulting Group (SCG) is a globally-recognized leader in workplace change management. Founded in 2002, the 100 percent woman-owned firm is a member of ACMP Global, the Association of Change Management Professionals, and has been engaged by diverse organizations around the world. SCG leverages best practices in managing change to deliver two key results to its clients: 1) a significant reduction in workplace costs, while at the same time, 2) a dramatic improvement in workforce performance.

The firm provides its clients with insight drawn from 20 years of research focused on resistance to workplace change, which involved more than 200 organizations, in 29 diverse industries throughout North America and Western Europe. Our extensive experience in the practical application of these research findings and our proprietary Critical Influence™ methodology has proven successful, regardless of client industry or organization size. SCG’s broad range of change management services, solutions, and tools can be applied to any physical space design or product solution, and are easily scalable to support an enterprise-wide roll out of the workplace strategy.

Unbiased and globally-renown, our firm can help take your workplace to the next level.

We arm you with knowledge on how your specific workplace strategy may be affected by certain factors, and how your organization can mitigate the risks surrounding significant changes in the work environment.


We don’t…

Most strategic business partners start off by telling you what they do.

Stegmeier Consulting Group provides unique services to corporate real estate & facilities professionals, workplace transformation teams, human resource executives & other business leaders. It’s much more effective to begin by informing you what we don’t do!

We are neither architects, nor interior designers, so we don’t design the workplace solution—nor compete with those who do.

We don’t place limitations on your chosen workplace strategy.

We are independent from specific office furniture manufacturers, fiercely unbiased, and our research findings and proprietary methodology can be applied to any physical space design or product solution.

We understand behavioral challenges and psychological resistance to change—and the rewards and risks of mobility programs, telework, flexible work arrangements, shared-space environments, and other alternative workspace solutions.

We don’t allow the workplace solution to bear 100 percent of the burden of transforming the way people work!

Stegmeier Consulting Group’s research findings and expertise are successfully being applied to actionable, comprehensive workplace strategies around the globe.

Let’s talk about how we can help you reduce workplace costs and improve workforce performance.