Stegmeier Consulting Group

Stegmeier Consulting Group, a globally recognized leader in workplace change management, has been engaged by clients throughout North America and Western Europe seeking to significantly reduce workplace costs and improve workforce performance.

Our holistic approach and proprietary Critical Influence™ methodology to managing workplace change draw from the firm’s 20-year compilation of best practices in developing workplace strategies that will significantly reduce workplace costs and improve workforce performance.


Select Client Projects

  • In constructing the Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons, NM partnered with SCG to learn more about what its employees wanted from the future of their workplace...


The 15 Critical Influences™


When seeking to change the way work gets done at your organization, be sure to look at the big picture; most workplace consultants will focus exclusively on the physical work environment, and how that change will affect your workforce.

Stegmeier Consulting Group takes a more holistic approach to workplace change, also examining the 14 other key factors revealed in our book, Innovations in Office Design: The Critical Influence Approach to Effective Work Environments™.  Factors, that if left unchecked, can derail any workplace initiative, no matter how great the design of the space is.


Click on any of the 15 Critical Influences™ in the interactive graphic below to see a positive and negative example for each.


What We Do

If your organization is considering or planning changes to your workplace, or if you’ve moved into a new work environment and are having problems, there are a number of things SCG can do to help you.

Our Services Page is a good place to start; of course, you may already have an idea of what you need, such as Workforce + Workplace Strategy, Workplace Change Management, or Expert Advisory Services, and for the DIY-ers, be sure to check out our Resources area.